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About the eBook

This photographer’s guide, totaling 177 pages, was years in the making.  My friend and fellow photographer, Andy Richards, began work on the book years ago, and at one point offered a version of it in PDF format.  After some discussion back in 2013, we agreed to collaborate on a revised, expanded version of the guide and after nearly three years of work, we were able to publish it in March, 2016.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is more than 16,000 square miles of mostly undeveloped, unsettled territory.  It is, in many respects, an outdoor photographer’s paradise, filled as it is with outstanding photographic venues.  It’s effectively impossible to create a truly comprehensive photographic guide to such a sprawling place, and we make no claims to have done so.  What we have done is create a resource made up of dozens of our favorite locations, spread out across the UP, including driving directions, GPS coordinates, suggestions about best times to visit for optimal photography as well as detailed notes, from both of us, that we believe will give you the best opportunity to make lasting images.  Our goal is to provide you with location recommendations–and the means to find them (and many of them are not easily found)–that will undoubtedly stir your creative juices.

Both Andy and I have spent countless hours photographing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula over the years, visiting many of the same locations, but never at the same time, and each of us has photographed at places the other has not.  We feel that the complementary nature of our photographic experiences in the UP has greatly benefited the guide.  It’s allowed us to cover more territory and offer similar–though sometimes somewhat different–perspectives on specific locations.

From Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, from the Hiawatha National Forest to Tahquemenon Falls State Park and many, many other locations across the UP, Photographing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula will open the door to your own exploration of the numerous visual wonders that the region has to offer.

If you have any questions about the guide, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.